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Industrial Vertical Carousels- Automated Industrial Storage

Industrial Vertical Carousels go where modular drawer cabinets leave you asking for more. The Rotomat Industrial units utilize your unused overhead space instead of critical floor space for optimal material handling automated storage and retrieval systems. Multi-Purpose carriers allow you to store a vast multitude of benchstock, tools, supply and many other items with a variety of modular drawers, tool flaps, multi-tier openings and secured access.

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Automated Carousel Systems- Benchstock Storage- Automated Carousel Systems
Tool Storage Vertical Carousels- Tool Kitting- Tool Storage Vertical Carousels
Multi-Purpose Storage in Hanel Rotomat Industrial Vertical Carousels
Modular Drawers Storage
Tool Kitting
Modular Drawers
Repairable Parts Storage in Hanel Rotomat Industrial Vertical Carousels
Supply Storage in Hanel Rotomat Industrial Vertical Carousels
Small Parts Storage Vertical Carousels- Parts Storage- Small Parts Storage Vertical Carousels
Carousel VLM Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems- C/VLM Automated Storage
Repairable Parts
Small Parts
Carousel VLM
Automated Tool Storage Systems | Automated Tool Storage | Automated Tool Storage Systems
Vertical Storage Systems- Logistics Center Storage- Vertical Storage Systems
Tool Storage
Logistics Center
Medical Storage


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